Luxury Kiosk Hotel

Affordable luxury hotel at Angeles city Walking Street



We Follow Safety Protocols

The kiosk machines, vending machines, counters, door handles, and other surfaces are disinfected at a regular interval throughout the day.


Non-traditional approach to hospitality through innovation and technology. Provision of kiosk machines for contactless booking, checking in, and checking out. Easily dispense your own keycard by use of the kiosk.

iOtel aims to reduce the manual tasks and possible miscommunications in a typical hotel setup by maximizing the automation provided by technology.

Flexibility in Time for Short-stay Guests

iOtel highly considers the unforeseen changes in flight schedules and mandates of the local government.

Short-stay guests have the options to book a room for 24 hours, 12 hours, and 6 hours. Extension of stay is also granted depending on room availability.

iOtel Amenities:

  • 24 Hour Kiosk Machines for Self-Check-in and Self-Check-out
  • Flexibility in duration of stay for walk-in guests
  • Unlimited Self-service coffee and hot drinking water
  • Hearty local and international breakfast and lunch sets
  • Vending machine with drinks and snacks
  • On-site money changing services
  • Partnership with specialty restaurants and fitness gym
  • Laundry Service